Are you tired of avoiding sex?

Are you tired of avoiding sex?

If pain and discomfort are preventing you from having a healthy sex life, you are not alone.

Common Concerns

  • Tightness and burning
  • Penetration problems
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Discomfort following childbirth
  • Discomfort following sugery
  • Unconsummated couples
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Amielle® Restore™ is intended to gently exercise vaginal muscles to help improve elasticity and establish healthy pelvic muscle motion. Routine pelvic muscle training can be important for women to help enhance sexual responsiveness for both them and their partner, and to help improve overall physical and sexual health.

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Designed to help overcome Vaginismus and Dyspareunia.

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Illustration of Dyspareunia


Dyspareunia is a general term meaning difficult or painful sexual intercourse. Pain can exist anywhere in the female genital area, including the labia, clitoris or the vagina itself. Pain can also take a variety of forms, from mild irritation and discomfort to sharp pains and cramping.

Dyspareunia affects many women at some point in their lives, and can be triggered by a number of causes, ranging from psychological concerns to structural issues.

Illustration of Vaginismus


Vaginismus is the involuntary tightening of muscles during any form of vaginal penetration. Some women experience Vaginismus with any object, while others experience it only in certain situations (ie. with sexual intercourse, but not during medical exams, with tampons, etc.). The exact cause of Vaginismus isn’t known, but is typically associated with anxiety or fear of having sex.

Illustration of Other Concerns

Other Concerns

Painful intercourse can also be caused by other problems, like infections. If you are experiencing pain it is advised that you speak to your healthcare professional to better determine the underlying cause.